VOC verwijdering


CATO Engineering has developed plants to remove contaminants from biogas. These systems have already proven itself in the field.

Biogas is an alternative energy source that is completely green. The produced biogas can be used to produce electricity by means of a gas engine with possible recovery of the heat (CHP). In order to make it suitable for use in the gas engine biogas various contaminants must be removed.

The CATO system removes the unwanted pollutants such as limonene , siloxanes , chlorine and fluorine compounds , mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide ( H2S ) in the most cost-effective and reliable manner.

The great advantage of this technology is that it is a regenerative process where there is no waste when is released . This allows the environmental impact and operating costs are significantly lower than alternative techniques.

An alternative to combustion in a gas engine upgrade biogas to green gas (bio - methane) .In this case also carbon dioxide (CO2 ) needs to be removed. After this, the gas can be compressed , dried, and odorised so that it can be entered at the public gas grid. After upgrading the green gas is similar to natural gas.