Support for investment:

When production changes and / or additions must realized many things needs to ve taken care off . Potential suppliers must be selected , quotes requested, bids are to be assessed , delivery borders to be defined and many other things needs to be done. Often it involves large investments and is important for the future of the company to make the right choices . CATO can help to ensure that the correct technology is chosen.

We do this by offering the following services:
• The technical, technological investment and technical advice to customers;
• The design of process equipment and engineering systems;
• The preparation of project descriptions and cost calculations on the basis of specifications, drawings and / or design;
• Selecting, specifying and purchasing of materials;
• Taking care of the administrative and technical supervision of projects

Production- and product development:

Many managers in manufacturing companies are very busy with arranging the daily routine. Often they do not have the time nor the expertise to identify organizational improvement in the technical field, start, supervise and commissioning.


The improvements can be aimed at the most reliable possible primary production process. Investments, maintenance and operation should be aimed at the highest possible availability of the production machines. Improvements can also relate to the efficiency of the production. How much energy, labour, equipment, capital, and the like are required to make the product. CATO will support companies in increasing the efficiency.


If a new product is introduced often adjustments to the current machine are required. The new products might have to be produced at the same time old series is still in production. This means that the production chain must be flexible. The new product should be as fast as possible available at full capacity so the time to optimize is often very limited. CATO helps clients achieve these goals.