Horti-BlueC Project


CATO Engineering is working in a consortium together renowned organisations in the adoption of new circular economy solutions. This sustainable up-cycling of agro-, agrofood and fisheries residues in horticulture by reusing resources and combining the separate building blocks for sustainable soilless cultivation into one concept. The focus is on illustrating the feasibility of processing the waste streams into feedstock for sustainable growing. For CATO this means that we want to examine the possibilities of re-using the carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gasses into a feedstock by making the CO2 suited to be dosed in greenhouse as natural fertilizer.

About the project

The Horti-BlueC project seeks to address challenges in the use of sustainable resource provision in the horticulture industry by demonstrating the potential for upcycling by-products of agriculture/fishery systems in the 2Seas area. The project will demonstrate the potential for derivatives of the shellfish industry, green waste, spent growing media and plant fibres to be used as a source of sustainable growing media and CO2 enrichment for the protected horticulture industry. Valorisation chains will be developed by optimizing by-product pre-treatment and processing techniques and the generation of targeted evidence to drive the uptake of new materials by the horticulture section through pilot commercial trials across collaborative platforms. The creation of a circular economy will improve sustainability by reducing fossil fuel, chemical pesticide and fertilizer applications, while drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from horticulture production. The project is a cross-border collaboration between England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Objectives and results

CATO Engineering want to use the know how gained from the R&D executed in this program to improve and further develop their CO2 capture technology. At the moment CATO is already involved in the development of amine bases capture technology for among others biogas upgrading.


This project has received funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract number 2S03-046. See for all the details.

More about the project

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